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    We loaf you – Everything about our breads

    Q. Are your breads vegan?
    A. Please visit our Vegan diet page for product recommendations on a Vegan diet.

    Q. Which bread is good if you are on Keto diet?
    A. Please visit our Keto diet page for product recommendations on a Keto diet.

    Q. Why isn’t the bread sliced and sold as a loaf?
    A. We sell the bread as a loaf, to prevent it from drying, to have a longer shelf life and most importantly to avoid wastage.

    Q. What’s the starch you use in the bread?
    A. All the ingredients are listed in the description of each bread. Please refer to the description of the bread for more details

    Q. What’s the best way to store the bread?
    A. Bread loaves should be stored in the freezer. Thaw the bread overnight in the fridge, and consume within 8 days while storing it in the fridge.

    Q. How long does it take to thaw the bread?
    A. Thaw overnight in the fridge.

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